Do you want to
  • Extend from web to mobile to cast a wider net?

  • Decide the platform that works best for your business?

  • Deal with the incompatibilities of each platform?

  • Create a future ready mobile product with the latest mobile capabilities?

  • Integrate your mobile app with your existing product platform?

At Talentica we have helped several product companies build intelligent and integrated mobile apps.

Our experience has helped us understand that mobile strategy does not merely mean creating a diluted version of your product. Having a mobile strategy implies that your mobile product helps you get the much required insight into customer preferences. The result is well-coded, scalable and extensible mobile applications.

Over the last few years, we have helped our customers build

  • A Golfer's App which has a scorecard for games, a free handicap service and live scoring updates. This app helps users play the popular game with friends, track progress and compare scores all on their iPhone.

  • A Gaming App that helps users create a sweep, set the stake amount and add options on which members can bet and invite colleagues, friends and family.

  • A Travel app for one of the leading airlines so that members can check the timetable, flight status and connect with social network of the airline. This app is available in 9 languages and customized by users.

case study image

How We Can Help

  • Develop native apps for iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry

  • Follow hybrid approach to minimize code repetition across platforms

  • Develop HTML5 based apps for smart phones

  • Leave room for Adaptability

  • Revamp your existing back-end application to help extend it to the mobile interfaces

Technologies that we use

  • Languages: Java, Objective C, C#.Net

  • Mobile: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Samsung Bada

  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services, Azure

To Know More

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