A successful media application needs to

  • Expand your reach: Be available to users anytime, anywhere from any device;

  • Manage traffic spikes: Scale to handle millions of users at a time;

  • Provide targeted information: Give users information based on device, location, screen size and demographics; and

  • Integrate with social media: Post, listen and analyze related activity on various social networks.

At Talentica, we have helped several media companies build complex, highly scalable products.

Our experience has helped us understand the minor complexities that typical companies fail to notice. The result is well architected, highly scalable and extensible products that have been delivered first time right.

Over the last few years, we have helped our customers build

  • An ad-aggregator platform that serves over 700 million ads on mobile phones every day. The application handles more than 5000 campaigns on approximately 175 carriers across 5000 zones.

  • An email campaign management software which is used by thousands of companies to create and manage tailored mail broadcasts that engage audiences like never before. The product includes integration with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Analyze twitter feeds, Facebook comments and references to blogs using technologies such as Apache Mahout and Hadoop.

  • Facebook Applications that stayed in the top 25 application list for over an year.

case study image

Technologies that we use

  • Languages: PHP, Java, Objective C, C#.Net

  • Mobile: iPhone, Android, Blackberry

  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services, Azure

  • Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg

  • Database: mySQL Cluster, HBasee

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