Node-Data is a unique backend framework which provides a generic interface for sql , NoSQL and graph entities and creates generic rest level 3 endpoints along with data repositories.

  Mayank Agrawal, Ratnesh Singh Parihar, Hari Adhikari, Pratik Vakil, Ashish Sahoo Read More


It is a tool developed to count the total children recursively for a given Znode. It was created out of the need to track Znode occupying large number of unwanted/unused children.

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It is a repository that contains the examples on how to integrate Riemann network monitoring and event processing system with popular tools and frameworks like AWS Cloudwatch, CollectD, Python Diamond, InfluxDB, Slack , AWS SNS.

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riemann-jmx-clj (Hopper)

It is a Clojure client to extract JMX metrics from the JVM and send it to Riemann Monitoring and Event processing engine. It is based on riemann-jmx java library.

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Faucet is an OpenFlow controller for a layer 2 switch. Gauge is the monitoring application running with Faucet. It polls each port for statistics and periodically dumps the flow table for statistics. CoutchDB database support is implemented for Gauge.

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Chef is one of the most adopted and very handy infrastructure automation tools. Plenty of software configuration scripts (cookbooks) are provided by this open source community. We fixed sumologic agent compatibility issues with chef11.

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Kafkacat is a generic non-JVM producer and consumer for Apache Kafka >=0.8. Think of it as a netcat for Kafka.

Contribution: Documentation was added to GitHub repository specifying how to set particular broker version while querying kafka with kafka cat.

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