Rationalizing Real Estate Investment Decisions Using Data Science

HomeUnion is a leading online marketplace for real estate investing, with fully managed properties sourced through due diligence and data analysis. It also provides post-purchase market intelligence, portfolio analysis and management oversight for investors.

A quick look into the engagement:

  • • HomeUnion wanted to simplify real estate investing by removing the guess work out of investing. Their goal, was to use data science techniques to empower investors to choose portfolios and acquire assets tailored to their investment goals.
  • • To achieve their goal, HomeUnion needed to overcome challenges around large volumes of data, high variability in data sources, and statistical analysis of the data.
  • • Using Big Data based tools (EMR, Hadoop, Python) Talentica configured APIs to collect and process data from multiple sources at varying frequencies.
  • • Exploratory analysis and feature engineering techniques were used to derive the most relevant parameters for the insights that HomeUnion wanted to generate.
  • • Using Big Data tools, Talentica built machine learning algorithms and statistical models to analyse the feature data that was collected.
  • • As a result of the engagement, HomeUnion was able to offer multiple insights based on hard data, to investors looking to invest in real estate portfolios. Whether it was buying property, leasing it out, or arriving at the investment feasibility of a locality, HomeUnion could do it for you.

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