Delivering 50 Billion ad impressions a month

AdMarvel, now a subsidiary of Opera Software, is a mobile ad optimization platform used by the world’s largest publishers, agencies and carriers. AdMarvel partnered with us at the very inception. We built the entire product from ground-up. We converted their vision into reality by overcoming several challenges.

Managing Exponential Growth
  • time

    Handling Volumes: We deployed AdMarvel on cloud to ensure quick scalability. We adopted a component based design & delinked all modules to run them on separate servers. We reduced the load on individual database servers and scaled them by using mySQL clusters.

  • performance

    Supporting multiple devices and content formats: AdMarvel needed to serve ads in various formats - Image Ads, Click to Call ads, Interstitials, Video Ads - across devices irrespective of their screen resolution, model or operating system. We developed SDKs for various mobile portals and apps such as Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, BREW, Android and BlackBerry to serve ads across devices.

  • security

    Targeting content to the right audience: For AdMarvel to reach and engage the right audience, we developed tools that enabled publishers to segment audience as per location, carriers, devices, devices OS, gender, age, time and resolution and leverage every campaign.

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Managing Operations

As the traffic started increasing, AdMarvel needed a separate Ops team to handle ad networks, agencies and publishers to optimize and fulfill every campaign. We set up an Operations team for AdMarvel that provides 24 x 7 coverage.


AdMarvel is the leading trusted third party in mobile advertising. It serves over 1.5 billion ads every day; handles more than 5000 campaigns on approximately 175 carriers across 5000 zones. AdMarvel has recently been acquired by Norway-based Opera Software.

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