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What we can do

We help you build products that always stay ahead of the competition. Leverage our experience and technology expertise to evolve faster.



As your user base grows, you will hit problems of scale. But they need to be fixed quickly, and throwing more hardware at them is not really a solution.

Our expertise lies in building scalable solutions addressing technology and infrastructure challenges. Scaling an application involves building independent components following decoupled architecture. It also includes using messaging and cache effectively. Using offline database operations and minimizing disk IOs also help in enhancing the performance and scalability of the application.

We specialize in setting up highly optimized infrastructure using load balancer, database partitioning, customized database replication and various cloud services like Amazon S3, EC2 and EBS.

Just as we scaled a mobile ad server to handle 2 billion impressions per day, we can help you scale your product too!

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Cloud empowers with improved manageability, reduced costs and less maintenance. However, if not used efficiently, cloud costs can become a nightmare.


Our proficiency lies in providing highly optimized, scalable and efficient infrastructure solutions as per the business needs. We use the appropriate webservers, instance types and the right architecture to ensure high availability, flexibility and security of data without impacting business margins.

Our extensive knowledge in architecture with multiple Load Balancers, customized database replication system, auto scaling infrastructure solution and big data can help you make the most out of your cloud infrastructure.

Just like we help a leading mobile ad server reduce their server instances from 700 to 200, we can help you set up and optimize your infrastructure too!


Enhancing to a robust desktop experience is a better approach than scaling down to a diluted mobile experience.


We specialize in building applications with rich user interface and responsive web design. We use feature detection, conditional script loading and media queries to optimize an application’s experience as per the device context.

We built single page apps using backbone.js and angular.js.

We also have broad experience in cross platform mobile technologies like Phonegap, Sencha Touch and jQueryMobile

Just like we helped a personalized learning platform follow mobile first strategy, we can help you create a great mobile-first experience too.

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Your product collects large amount of data. You will want to provide actionable insights to your users for them to take data-driven decisions consistently and quickly.Handling such scale of data poses a challenge when using traditional methods.

We specialize in processing and storage of large and complex collection of datasets, using specialized tools such as Hadoop & NoSQL, storages such as Cassandra, MongoDB & Redis, and Cloud based services such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Redshift. This includes cluster management, monitoring & optimization, data collection from disparate sources, map reduce and other DSL/script based application development.

We also conduct functional and non-functional testing of these applications, including failover testing and performance metrics.

Like we helped a mobile browser giant analyze over 5TB of data a day, we can help with your big data solution too.


Lengthy content and banner ads are rapidly giving way to 30-second videos. Video will take over 90 % of the online content pie within the next five years.

small videos big video

Our video content management capabilities include video transcoding, bitrate management, on demand video serving and secure video sharing. We use tools such as G Streamer framework and are familiar with various container formats, video/audio codecs and muxers, demuxers.

Just like we helped one of our customers build a personal video storage and streaming platform, we can help you tap into the thriving video content scene too!

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With increased access to data anytime, anywhere and more private information residing on cloud, security is a priority.

At Talentica we specialize in building secure consumer facing web and mobile applications. We ensure prevention against vulnerabilities and thus create a multi-layered, scalable security console for all our products. We secure our applications with required security compliances, encryption and restricted access. We audit, monitor and report even minor data breaches to mitigate risk and enhance visibility.


We have recently helped a customer enhance security measures of their personal cloud storage platform. We can help you with a complete risk assessment and remediation too!